outreach high school

Principal: Craig Olenik
Head Teacher: Dino Dafniotis
Secretary: Dale Osmond Fernandes
Telephone: 514.933.7488
Fax: 514.481.0523
E-mail: dosmond-fernandes@emsb.qc.ca
Location: Outreach High School is located near complexe récréatif Gadbois in the Southwest borough and can be reached via buses 36 and 37
Grade Level: 10-11
Guidance Counsellor: Alexandria Lalos


The school caters to the needs of high school students who would normally be working at the Sec. IV or V levels. Emphasis is placed on increased student learning and desire to achieve at high standards; decreased negative behavior incidents and dropout rates; increased school satisfaction and motivation; increased sense of student self efficacy; improved positive attitudes toward school; and improved student social-emotional skills, such as caring, empathy, social responsibility.

The Program

Students attending Outreach High School School are provided with opportunities to complete their studies and pursue a career program or pre-university program at CEGEP. Preparing students with a tailored schedule meeting pre-requisites for specialized programs at CEGEP level.

Like all the Outreach schools, its purpose evolved over the years. While the ultimate goal of graduation is the same, it is now geared toward helping students succeed academically through a steady diet of attention, respect and motivation. With a small number of students and teachers, the school is divided into three groups. Each student receives one-on-one attention. They also have the comfort of knowing the teacher knows them and their strengths and weaknesses.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, teachers have certain expectations of students, which are based on punctuality, attendance and performance. It is expected that students must hand work in on time and maintain a positive attitude.

The human interaction and family atmosphere at Outreach help to build self-confidence and self-respect. The teachers assume that students have the capacity to succeed. They are there to help students reach their goals and foster improved learning habits and organizational skills. So while students may have come to Outreach with academic, social and/or behavior problems, they leave better people.


Photos from Outreach School

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