Annual General Assembly Alternative Schools Network
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

outreach high school

Principal: Craig Olenik
Head Teacher: Dino Dafniotis
Secretary: Fatima Susbilla
Telephone: 514.933.7488
Fax: 514.481.0523
Location: Outreach High School is located near complexe récréatif Gadbois in the Southwest borough and can be reached via buses 36 and 37
Grade Level: 10-11
Guidance Counsellor: Alexandria Lalos

Annual General Assembly Alternative Schools Network

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Annual General Assembly meeting for the election of members to the Governing Board as follows:

  • Date: Wednesday, September 27th 6:00 pm
  • Location: Mountainview School (7450 Cote St. Luc Road, H4W 1R1)

Kindly confirm your attendance with the school secretary of Programme Outreach High.

A governing board is responsible for matters concerning school budgets, school policies and is the primary consultative body for school board policies.

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Educational Policies, Standards & Procedures

Standards and Procedures are official documents pertaining to the evaluation of student learning. They provide a summary of the evaluation criteria for each subject, and the period during which exams are scheduled.

Evaluation Standards & Procedures

About Us

Our school caters to the needs of high school students who would normally be working at the Sec. IV or V levels. We provide our students with all the support needed to gain self-confidence and learn valuable life skills so that they can contribute meaningfully to society following the completion of our program. Our staff promotes high academic standards; decreased negative behavior incidents and dropout rates; increased school satisfaction and motivation; increased sense of student self-efficacy; improved positive attitudes to-ward school; and improved student social-emotional skills, such as caring, empathy, social responsibility.

Our humanistic approach and family-like atmosphere, provides students with a comforting environment so that they can work toward their goals and foster improved learning habits and organization skills. So while students may have come to Outreach with academic, social and/or behavior difficulties, they leave our pro-gram well-rounded and prepared to tackle future obstacles.

Educational Framework

With a small number of students and teachers, the school is divided into 3 groups, where students can receive one-on-one attention. This framework allows students to feel a sense of comfort knowing that their teachers understand their strengths and weaknesses. Despite the tight-knit relationship between students and staff, and the relaxed atmosphere offered at Outreach High School, teachers have certain expectations of students, which are based on punctuality, attendance, and performance. It is expected that students hand their work in on time and maintain a positive attitude, as these values are what will make them successful as they move for-ward in the workforce, and in life.

The Program

The high graduation rate at Outreach High School allow students the opportunity to pursue a career program or pre-university program at the CEGEP level. Our program also offers students a tailored schedule to meet the prerequisites for specialized programs at the CEGEP level.

Outreach Involvement