About the Outreach School Network

The first Outreach school was established in 1976 by the former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM). The school was originally established to provided high school dropouts with an opportunity to return to school and complete their secondary education. The original location was a storefront school where students literally “dropped in”. Over the years the schools have evolved to the point where focus is drop out prevention for youth “at risk”.

Our Mission & Vision

The Outreach schools strive to offer small, safe, caring environments where students feel they belong and where they will experience success. The schools encourage both personal and academic growth and provide individualized support for student needs. The vision for the students is to create a positive self-image and to build self-image and to build self-confidence and respect for themselves, others, the community, and the environment.

Our Clientele

The programs are designed to give students a second chance for success. Programs help students through small classroom settings, focused and individualized learning opportunities gain strength so that their second chance becomes first hand success stories.