Annual General Assembly Alternative Schools Network
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Perspectives i high school

Principal: Craig Olenik
Head Teacher: Melissa Modica
Secretary: Nancy Bono
Telephone: 514.798.2136
Fax: 514.798.2222
Location: Accessible via St. Michel metro and bus 141, Pie IX metro and bus 139 or Jean-Talon metro and bus 99.
Grade Level: 7-9
Guidance Counsellor: Ana Santos

Annual General Assembly Alternative Schools Network

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Annual General Assembly meeting for the election of members to the Governing Board as follows:

  • Date: Wednesday, September 27th 6:00 pm
  • Location: Mountainview School (7450 Cote St. Luc Road, H4W 1R1)

Kindly confirm your attendance with the school secretary of Programme Perspectives I.

A governing board is responsible for matters concerning school budgets, school policies and is the primary consultative body for school board policies.

Click here to confirm your attendance

Educational Policies, Standards & Procedures

Standards and Procedures are official documents pertaining to the evaluation of student learning. They provide a summary of the evaluation criteria for each subject, and the period during which exams are scheduled.

About Us

Perspectives I is a small junior high school with the personal touch – our family-style atmosphere and small classes allow us to work closely with each of our students, helping them to achieve both academic success as well as healthy personal development. We cater to a diverse group of students, and encourage them to learn to interact with each other positively and show empathy in their relationships.

Our Educational Framework

We offer courses outlined by the Ministry of Education in a small-group setting, and with additional assistance provided for greater student success. We have recently introduced a no homework policy, which encourages students to get their work done during class time, and allows them to focus their energy in other areas once they go home, so that they have a fresh start the following day. Furthermore, our students have access to Google Classroom, which helps them stay organized with their schoolwork, as well as teaching them basic com-puting skills.

Our Academic Programs

  • In Secondary III, we have the 15+ special program which allows our students to be in school on a part-time basis, and out on “stage” for the remainder of the week. This program allows our students the chance to experience the world of work, and to get a taste of what they might want to set as future ca-reer goals, since they are exposed to a variety of different vocational possibilities.
  • WOTP – the Work-Oriented Training Path is a program which leads to a special certificate after 3 years. Our teachers and other staff all work individually with all students to help them find the keys to their success. This program focuses on academic, personal and career goals, which is based off of a student's Individualized Education Plan, to ensure the student is working toward a goal that interests them.


  • T-shirt press workshops
  • Wood working room
  • Meditation room
  • Dog training program
  • Access to "The Hive" resource centre

Outreach Involvement