Principal: Craig Olenik
James Bray
Secretary: Margret Malchan
Telephone: 514.769.5282
Fax: 514.769.7524
Location: The Hub is located in the Options High School building, a few blocks from the Jolicoeur metro station in Ville Emard.


The HUB provides our diverse network of the Outreach school population with the tools needed for academic success. Empowering students to cultivate the skills, strategies and behaviours of confident, independent and lifelong learners, the Hub contributes the Alternative network’s focus on student driven learning and increased retention and graduation rates.

Program development and teacher support

The Hub developed a system in which students struggling with an individual subject area are able to access differentiated instruction from both teacher and tutors in the Hub. On a weekly basis tutors from the McGill community outreach program “Big Buddies” connected with students who have problems in a specific subject area. These tutoring periods are constant giving consistency to the work being done and allowing for the fostering of positive relationships with role models from a different community.

Resource support and assisted technology

The Outreach network of schools services a population with diverse needs. Much of these needs stem from learning difficulties that then progress into behavior issues. A goal is to see that our students understand what their individual issues/needs are, where they arise from and how to succeed despite these challenges in order to reach their full potential. The Hub enacted The English Montreal School Board’s initiative to ensure all students who warrant assisted technology have access to this technology and be trained and utilize this technology inside their classrooms.

Photos from The Hub

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Respite for students

Understanding the clientele that the Outreach network of schools deals with must always be on the forefront of our minds. These students need structure but also require the ability to feel as though they are stakeholders in their own education. The Hub creates a safe learning commons that facilitates the development of curricular goals of the grade promotional subjects. The respite program is designed to fit the needs of the individual student by letting the student design their own educational plan.